There are several reasons of planning a trip and selecting a destination completely depends you’re your theme of travel like if you are looking for a honeymoon trip then you can add Manali, Shimla, etc. in your bucket list and if you are looking for a religious tour then what else could be better than Varanasi, one of the seven holiest cities in India and an irresistible tourist destination where thousands of Indian, as well as foreign tourists, come to spend their holidays or to perform the rituals for the peace of their ancestors soul. This hugely spread city is dotted with an endless number of religious places including small and big temples, ghats where Ganga Arti is performed and despite being popular as a holy city, Varanasi is a destination to behold and attract almost every kind of tourists towards itself and Varanasi tour packages play a vital role in helping pilgrims to dwell themselves in the spiritual bliss of Lord Shiva and other deities. Although there are some other religious tour packages in India that one can check out to plan their spiritual trip to Varanasi and if you have also added this holy city in the bucket list then what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Select the best travel plan for you and set out to this ancient and divine city. Places of attraction in Varanasi The entire city is packed with irresistible and appealing places including temples adorned with beautiful pictures, ghats where you can enjoy a boat ride, and many more. Let’s check out some of the most popular places in Varanasi that makes it a spectacular tourist site.  Although the ghats in Varanasi are incredibly alarming yet a burning ghat is a unique place and it is believed to be the place where tourists love to spend time in the hospice when they are in the final stage of their life. As the name suggests, the cremation of dead bodies, funerals, and other ceremonies that are organized on the banks of River Ganga. Being a tourist, you are allowed to enter the ghats and even if you want to capture these ceremonies in your camera then you are allowed to do so. However, one needs to be very wise while visiting this ghat as you may get trapped by a few sages who will ask you for the donation. The city boasts of innumerable small as well as big temples and Kashi Vishwanath Temple is the most popular one or can be said as the key attraction of this holy city. This huge ancient temple is dedicated to the mighty Lord Shiva and is called as one of the most eminent destinations of Shiva worshippers. So, if you are also a Shiva worshipper and seeking his blessings then you must add Kashi Vishwanath Temple in your bucket list. One of the top universities in India, BHU is a hugely spread academic place where students of different backgrounds dream to take admission. There are several colleges established in the campus and a new Kashi Vishwanath Temple is also constructed there a few years back. So, exploring this place offers you both knowledge as well as religious experiences. Things to do in Varanasi Ganga, the holiest river in India is a spectacle throughout the day but it becomes most impeccable during the sunrise and sunset view. When the sun rays fall on the river, it seems like split into seven different colors and exploring the ghats by taking a boat ride is one of the most appealing and captivating moments in Varanasi. India and spirituality are the two most important faces of a coin and rivers in the country hold great importance especially River Ganga. It is believed that taking a dip into River Ganges washes away all your committed sins and blesses you with good health. Along the ghats, there are several stalls and small shops selling puja items and images of the deities that you can bring back home and hang them on the walls of your room. Varanasi Allahabad tour packages play a vital role in getting these amazing experiences and collecting some wonderful moments of life. How can you make it more interesting? If you are looking for a little longer trip and want to make this trip more spiritual then you can go continue your drive towards Gaya, the holiest city in Bihar and our meticulously tailored Varanasi to Gaya tour packages plays a vital role in making it a worth visit. Also, if you are not comfortable to drive a long distance then you can proceed with your journey towards Allahabad by opting for the Varanasi Allahabad tour package and can explore more spiritual places and also collect some knowledge by visiting the museum in Allahabad. Best time to visit Varanasi However, the city is found crowded with devotees throughout the year yet the most recommended time to plan your Varanasi visit as the weather is quite pleasing and favorable during these months. Also, if you make a schedule of visiting this city in November then participating in Ganga Mahotsav (a festival that continues for 5 days) will add more charm to your travel. In simple words, it can be said that winter is the most recommended and favorable time for your trip. Source: Free Articles from We have few list of religious tour like Allahabad, Gaya, Ayodhya these religious destinations are one of the most popular destinations to visit for tourist. If you are also looking forward for a package for these destinations so here some package for you to spending your best quality time tour in Varanasi book your Allahabad, Ayodhya, Varanasi, Gaya Tour Package and enjoy your journey.