This content has all the information about travelling hack, specially when you are travelling to India. Kindly go through the content, it will surely help you in many ways. When you plan to travel to India, a thousand things come to mind. With so many people telling you about their experiences to this vast country, it becomes overwhelming to consider what to believe and what not. Even though it has become significantly easy to research about any destination in the world using the current technology and internet, you still need to know a few things that your smartphone cannot tell you. Try vegetarian food India is a land of saints and you will find some of the tastiest vegetarian dishes here. If you are not rigid about eating meat, you must give a try to different vegetarian items on the menu. The veg menu is almost always cheaper than the non-veg menu, and you will find less options in the latter than the former. Buying souvenirs You may want to buy those little souvenirs from the branded shops thinking that you will get a better quality there. However, the truth is that there is hardly any difference in the quality of handicrafts unless you are buying clothes, which you must buy from good stores. If you go for shopping during the late evening, you will find the souvenirs even cheaper because the street vendors want to wrap up their stuff, and they do bargain a lot at that time. Negotiate well If you are bad at negotiating, you must learn this much-needed skill for shopping in India. If you do not go to the fixed-price shops in India, you will often find that the local vendors quote double or even triple the legit price to the foreigners and even Indian tourists. You need to roam around to different shops asking for the price of the same products; it will give you an idea about the legit price of the souvenir. And then you need to negotiate well for the things you want. Carry some cash You must, at all times, carry some cash while traveling in India because street vendors often accept only cash. Even though you will find the cashless options in the urban scenario, you still need to be prepared to pay in cash in some shops. Around 4-5k of cash is enough for a few days. It is better not to have a huge amount in cash because the risk of pickpocketing is also there in crowded places. Invest in a water filter Although the water filters are quite expensive, they last for a long time and are certainly cheaper than buying mineral water every time you feel thirsty. You cannot carry a lot of water with you whether you are flying or traveling in a Self-Drive Car Rental in Pune or any other metropolitan in India as it adds to the weight of your luggage. Don’t trust the travel agents You may make a few bookings with the travel agents, but you cannot completely trust them. They make their best to fool their clients, though not all of them are cheats. Still, you must do your own research and explore India through the inner streets. Go to a few places without planning, eat a few unplanned meals, and talk to the locals- you will love the country even more than you think. Source: Free Articles from The author of this article provides the innovative tips on travelling and Exploring the wilderness of India with the help of Mychoize self drive car rental in Mumbai.