Enjoy your these vacations in the heart taking Himalayan Hill-Station Ranikhet. Get a chance toexplore nature and took a look at the famed places here. You will have an amazing experiencehere. The beauty of this placeThis place is the magnificent creation of the god. Every single thing present here is designed inan attractive way. The greenery of the lands, the dense forest, and the shining Himalaya coveredwith snow, the traditional houses which like the boogie of the trains, and many more things makethis place different.Here nature is very enchanting, once you come here you will always plan a trip for Queen’sMeadow. It’s the best place for relaxing your mind. You will have a strong bond with this place,the climate, location and surrounding everything let you connected with this place. If you arehaving thoughts to plan a trip for a hill station then come to Queen’s Meadow. We make surethat your stay in this resplendent place will be memorable.Take a look to famed placesThe queen’s meadow is surrounded by various attractive places. You find everything here,starting from the CHAUBATIA GARDEN, also known as the ‘CHAUBATIA ORCHARDS’.Itis famous for its apple, peach, and apricot, etc. This place is located 10 km south of the Ranikhet.The word Chabutia here means four junctions. Also, this place provides an extensive view of theHimalayan beauties such as Nilkanth, Trishul, and Nanda Devi.You can take the blessing of god here by visiting the Mankameshwar Temple which is 0.25kmfrom Ranikhet. The main deities of this place are Maa Kali, Lord Shiva, and Radha Krishna.Also, you can visit the Gurudwara also, located near this place. Also, you can go to another holytemple Jhula Devi, which is just seven km from Ranikhet. The location of this temple is veryperfect and provide tranquilityEnjoy Golfing in Ranikhet golf course, one of the highest golf course of Asia is located here ata distance of six km from Ranikhet. It’s known worldwide, you can see the breathtaking view ofthe majestic Himalaya ranges. This place is looked after by the Kumaon Regiment.Be pleased with Majakhali paradise- This place is situated at a distance of 12 km from thequeen’s meadow. It is well known for its natural beauty spots and also for the temple of goddesskali. Here you will find a number of picnic spots nearby its location. It also provides heart takingview of the Himalaya and the healthful climate of this place makes one fond of this place.Being, one of the most well-known tourist attractions, there are numerous places to visit andthey provide you a different feel and attraction. You will be amazed by the magical beauty of thisplace. You will have a feel of heaven here. Some days spent by you here will please you in aunique way. This gracious place will always welcome you. Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com However you choose your destination, you can turn it into a memorable trip to Ranikhet Uttarakhand, with bayberry camp and resort Ranikhet. Where we gave packages like camping, trekking, etc..