a[rel~='nofollow']{outline:.14em dotted red !important;outline-offset:.2em;}a[rel~='nofollow'] > img{outline:thin dotted red !important;outline-offset:.2em;} Barbados is probably one of the most colourful and vibrant holiday destinations in the Caribbean you could ever visit. From the hustle and bustle of the island's capitol Bridgetown to the quieter corners such as Heywoods Beach and Ragged Point, there's plenty to see and do and with plenty of self catering Barbados villas for rent, you can explore the island at your own pace, come and go as you please, eat, party and relax when it suits you. Geographically the western and southern areas of the island are relatively flat and long white sandy beaches meet the Caribbean sea. The eastern side of the island looks out across the Atlantic Ocean and is home to several good surfing spots and impressive sea cliffs. Centrally the island rises just over a thousand feet at its highest point is Mount Hillaby which offers excellent views across the entire island.   When it comes to Barbados villas to rent then you're quite literally spoilt for choice. As tourism is one of the island's main industries, Barbados is peppered with holiday homes and villas, many of which have been built in the last five to ten years. The standard of living in Barbados is high and the quality of the villas one can rent for a holiday will not disappoint. Marble floors and plenty of large windows keeps the interior cool, light and breezy, even in the height of summer and many of Barbados' villas for rent feature a sizeable outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, barbecue and extensive patios complete with sun loungers, tables and chairs. Al fresco dining is the norm in Barbados and many holiday makers spend much of their time outdoors soaking up the sun and taking in the wonderful views the island has to offer.   The official language of Barbados is English which is one of the reasons the island is popular amongst British, American and Canadian holiday makers. Spanish is a strong second language which is not surprising as the island has also frequented by many tourists from Spain for many many years. Barbadian, or Bajan cuisine has combined the culinary influences of African, Caribbean and European cuisine and created many unique and authentically Barbadian flavours. Being an island nation, it's not surprising that fish is the mainstay of their diet. Whether you dine in the many bars and restaurants which can be easily found or choose to take advantage of the barbecue which is present in many Barbados villas to rent, chances are you'll be eating fish, although other meats are available, no holiday in Barbados is complete without a healthy diet of fresh fish dishes. As the old saying goes, life didn't start in Barbados, it was merely perfected there. Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com Been looking for Barbados villas to rent? Then visit us, we have a great selection of Barbados villas for rent.