Puerto Rico is a region where the new world is blended with an old one on a small island, which is small in size but provides a one of a kind experience. Rich culture and history, pristine beaches, exceptional food, majestic mountains, adventure, relaxation you get to experience everything in this sun-kissed Caribbean paradise. Locals of the region are amiable that you will feel like a family instead of a visitor. In every corner of this beautiful island, you will find a celebration of life, food that will satisfy your soul, and vibrant cultural experience.   If you are planning to visit Condado Puerto Rico and are looking for furnished apartment Condado Puerto Rico at affordable prices, then Short term Rental PR is the place you should visit. Here is a list of things that you can do in your Condado Puerto Rico trip: You get laid-back luxury at Condado, which means access to everything from exclusive entertainment to upscale shops. Take a stroll down Ashford Avenue, the Puerto Rican – where a great shopping session awaits you. Here can get world-known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, and a lot more.  Going to a beach means you will get to experience a lot of outdoor recreational activities. At Condado, there are a lot of companies like Sailing Dreams Yacht Charters, Aqua Adventures, and VIP Adventures which provide trips for parasailing, sailing, diving, snorkelling and surfing for a group or an individual. Aside from these activities, you also get the chance to experience Zumba and Yoga class, or some aqua-fitness at Ventana al Mar. If you feel like trying your luck in a game of poker, then you can visit Concha a Renaissance Resort Casino Del Mar or the sun Juan Marriot Resort. You can expect to dine like a Royalty when you are in Condado in the restaurants like 1919 Restaurant where you can experience world-class dining which is prepared by the well-renowned chefs. Here you get to experience a range of international cuisine at places like Ropa Vieja Grill and Yerba Buena. While during the day Ashford Avenue provides upscale shopping experience, in the night it transforms into a hub of nightlife, filled with swanky clubs and luxurious lounges. You can start your night with cocktails and unparalleled sunset views in one of the Air-conditioned rooftop bars of Condado.  If you want to enjoy all this without spending too much money on furnished apartment Condado Puerto Rico, then Short Tern Rental PR is the ideal place for you. Here you can find great Accommodations at an affordable price.   Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com The author is well-practised technical content writer, who has a profound experience in developing content for numerous Vacation business domains and nowadays, he is composing content for a global Vacation solution provider agency named as Short Tern Rental PR.